Animal ethics is one of main point of interest of our toxicology research laboratory


PHYCHER laboratory respects the 3 R rule and is involved in animal welfare via its ethical committee and the use of  alternatives methods.
We respect all regulations and standards in force.

PHYCHER respects the 3 R rule and works with a specialized team aware of the animal welfare.
The 3 R rule consists in : REPLACING : Replacement of experimental animals by alternative methods
REFINING : Refinement of housing, handling and experimental procedures to reduce discomfort, fear, stress and suffering.
REDUCING : Reduction of number of animals used
PHYCHER respects all last European Regulatory directives ( 2010/63/EU) .

Our laboratory respects the 3 R rule and keeps its team aware of ethics, for the animal welfare.

At PHYCHER, we continually make our technicians aware of the animal ethics and a representative participates annually in the meeting of our committee « animal welfare ». The technical team  is committed to the human treatment of the research animals entrusted to our care. PHYCHER, toxicology laboratory, guarantees they will be treated with the highest standards of respect and compassion. Particular attention is given to housing conditions, social interaction and enrichment of their environment.

We applie the standards in force

Regulatory changes relating to the transposition into French law of Directive 2010/63/EU of the European Parliament have been anticipated and are already taken into account at PHYCHER.
The main change for PHYCHER C.R.O. was to register with the Ministry of Research our Ethics Committee (Committee No. 76). All of our protocols are approved by this Ethics Committee.

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