ISO 10993-10

The test material or the medium extraction is to be applied to the skin of three rabbits in a single dose.

Each rabbit is its own control. The degree of irritation is assessed at set intervals.
The test is conducted over a sufficient length of time, at least six days, in order for the reversibility or irreversibility of the effects observed to be determined. There is generally no need to exceed 14 days post-application.

All available information concerning the material to be tested should be taken into consideration in order to limit tests liable to produce serious reactions, such as :

  •  Acidic materials of pH 2.0 or less, and alkaline materials of pH 11.5 or greater with corrosive properties;
  • Materials for which in vitro tests suggest the likelihood of irritant, severely irritant or corrosive properties. In this case, a reduced test will be performed after an advice of the toxicologist expert.


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